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It's time to turned grey cities into green oases of peace

Leda Polymer is a company specializing in innovative and individually tailored solutions in the field of molded foam manufacturing. The main products are bubble wrap, polyurethane foam and molds used in the construction of vertical gardens. Developing various arrangements of space with the use of modern technology benefits the protection of nature. Plants are a natural and important element of nature placed in our immediate environment which improve its climate. Creating a variety of plant compositions is a way to decorate both building facades and spaces in unadorned homes, offices, conference rooms, restaurants, etc.

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How polyurethane foam is made?

Polyurethane foam is made by combining two components: polyol (resin) and isocyanin (hardener). The combination of both substances causes a rapid increase in the volume of the coating, which results in precise filling of spaces. Thanks to additional ingredients, the foam can be given various properties, from increased resistance to high temperature, to a unique, distinctive color.

Our products

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Foam performance

Foam is quick to apply with the use of the spray method and does not require the work of a large number of specialists, thanks to which we save time needed for installation.

Types of polyurethane foams


Closed-cell foam

The foam contains gas bubbles, thanks to which it is possible to obtain appropriate insulation properties. The closed-cell foam is a barrier to water and air. Multiple tests have shown that polyurethane foam has the best insulation and strength parameters.

Open-cell foam

 Open cell foam is more efficient and economical. It provides an excellent thermal and air barrier. Additionally, the foam exhibits better vapor permeability properties. Polyurethane foam provides an effective sound barrier as opposed to closed cell foam..



Polyurethane foam can find its application in finishing as well as in interior design. It is used on a variety of substrates for carpeting.

Foam can take different forms:


It is used in the insulation of external walls, roofs, balconies, terraces and floors.  

Polyurethane plates

Polyurethane plates are suitable for wall insulation in double-layer or cavity walls.


It is used to fill upholstered furniture, backrest and seat cushions, animal beds, armchairs and sofas, etc. .


The casing is used to protect pipes with installations or sewage sewage pipes and fittings

We are proud to announce that Leda Polymer is part of FRONTSH1P project, dedicated to ensuring green and just transition of the Polish Łódzkie Region towards decarbonization and territorial regeneration. Joined efforts of Leda Polymer and whole FRONTSH1P consortium will support our region and communities!

Leda Polymer is participating in a Biomotive project that is being funding from the Bio Based Industries Joint Undertaking under the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 745766